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Hi rnolan/Dante, I couldn't find any different manuals that were already posted but I did come across a bunch of zip files containing the Trendz mags. Do we have section for Trendz Mags? I can email all of them to you guys just send me your email that will accept zip files.

Hey Satch, cool, send them to Dante and we'll set up a place for them  :thumb-up:
@Dante can you PM Satch a preferred email for him to send them to you.

OK guys, here's a few manuals! Will post more manuals later, just found my old folders from old computers  :thumb-up:


Adding a few more!  O0
This time the Microcab I and II, as well as the T100S tube amp!

I have some more, but want to cross check them for doubles and versions + strange filenames before just uploading  ::)


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