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WTB Carvin Straight Cabinet >CLOSED<

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I’m looking for a Carvin Straight cab for my X100B Pre 1988 with the lipstick logo and expanded metal grill, Im also looking for a straight Carvin 412V-30 for the V3 series.

I had a 4x12 with that logo and grill, it was a beast, but it served me very well. I put a wall inside and made it a true stereo cab....which also made it even heavier - haha

Best of luck on your search. I'm hunting for a 2x12 myself, but I may just build one to my liking

And unfortunately, Carvin seems to have gone the way of the dodo, which is a real bummer, they made some pretty cool bits and pieces.  I remember they were one of the first amp makers to use switching power supplies, a 1200w power amp that you could pick up with you little finger, back then the PA amps we were using weighed more than Dante's car (an old reference lol).

I split the rest of my diatribe onto a new thread called Car Talk - help yourselves


The search for the Carvin cab is finally over, one popped up close enough to drive after, got it home Friday night.


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