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Replacing 12AX7s with 12BZ7s?

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Saw it mentioned on the Duncan forum that the 12bz7 was hotter/had more gain than the 12ax7, so I looked into it and found info to back up that claim. I've got some 12bz7s here with me now, but was wondering if anyone else had experience with this?

Nevermind. Just spent that last hour testing them, and it's not worth the effort. If you've got a vintage amp using vintage 12AX7s and want more gain while keeping it period correct, then 12BZ7s might help. If it was made after 1970, throw some Sovteks in it.

Oh well, at least you know now  ;)

I am liking the Penta Tube 12AX7, however. Even in V1 (with a Sovtek in V2) it's a noticeable increase in gain. With Gain 1 on 10, Gain 2 on 0, MV on 5, and the EQ on 0, it's a very nice base for an AC/DC type of tone. With the Sovtek in V1 and V2 and the same setting, it's more of a Bad Moon Rising tone.

I must retract my previous statement against the BZs: I'm listening again to the test tracks I recorded, and while the volume difference is definitely there, the BZs do actually appear to have twice the saturation as the Sovteks.

I'll work more with it this weekend, and try to record something worth posting so others can judge the differences.


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