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So what's the verdict?

Started by mrguitar, April 12, 2019, 05:57:16 PM

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I really like the idea of the MP1 channel on paper, but I'm not crazy about any of the clips/demos available online. Reading the other threads here I tend to agree that it's not a direct replacement for the original MP-1, or variants.

..... ignoring how we feel about the rack mount units, how does this pedal hold up on it's own? .....or does it? Unfortunately $400 is too much for me to order one and not have it work out. Thanks,


For posterity, this thread comes pretty close to answering my question: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/ada-mp-1-vs-art-sgx-2000.2101610/page-2#post-29751424



All tube preamps require tube power amps (or sim), and quality cab (or sim) to seal the deal, and with those my MP-1 Channel sounds awesome (pretty much as I remember my old v1 MP-1 sounding). According to David the tube board schematics are the same, thought he pedal has a output buffer the rack didn't I think?

I use it with a Axe FX II for tube power amp/cab sims, and FX etc.

In order to nail early Marshall tones it needs a little EQ to sculpt the mids, but sounds great (as did my old rack MP-1). Yeah, you lose MIDI and the Solid State channel, but I don't mind.

Another awesome feature, it weighs 2lbs, and it's replacing a custom RM2 with custom Egnater/MTS tube preamps, and a vintage Kittyhawk Quattro tube preamp, so my rig is losing around 20 - 25 lbs which is awesome!