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Making a Snakecharmer Footswitch

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Okay, I have the Viper, I love the Viper, I want to control the beast that is the Viper. Gotta make a footswitch

Now, I can solder all day, and I can drill a hole in a box. Hell, I can even turn a wrench to tighten up a nut and figure out how to make a couple foot switches taller than the ones in front of them with extra nuts. Yeah, I guess you could say I mechanickel. That said, I cannot figure out a schematic to save my life.

So, how's about you big-brain types hook a brother up with a parts list to order from your preferred electronics supply store so I can get busy wit dis?

Heeeeere's the schematic, for your reference.

Maybe you could start simple with just 4 switches (no led's). Not 100% sure it will work this way but it's easy to build so you could give it a shot.
You need 4 momentary switches (S1-4), 4 resistors (R1-4) and a female stereo jack (J1).
The J1 connection from top to bottom are tip, ring, sleeve. Resistors can vary between 1k and 1k5. (but 4 times the same value).

Let me know if you have any questions

I wonder what a Quad switch could do to help....I have no schematic for that.   :dunno:

A quad switch won't work  ;D but here's the schematic

Thanks guys, that diagram looks simple enough. So, any particular switches I should use?

I will find the resistors and switches on Mouser.com and see if I picked the right things before I buy


UPDATE: Can I use something like this?  https://pedal-parts.com/en/home/footswitches/3pdt-illuminated-double-led


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