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New toy in my shop.

Started by MarshallJMP, July 25, 2017, 12:22:44 PM

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Well I finally finished my tubetester/ tracer. Made a frontpanel for it and build into a carrying case. The tracer itself is a kit (pcb and parts) I bought from a really smart guy in the Netherlands and he did a wonder full job in creating this tester. You just need to hook it up to computer with a serial port (although I use a serial to USB converter). I just added an external power supply (goes from 1.25V to 27V) for the heaters because the internal one can only supply 1.5A. Also added  hardwired sockets to test ECC83,EL84 EL34 type of tubes tubes and then some extra tube sockets (UX4,UX5,mini7, rimlock, magnoval, noval, octal ) for other tubes. These can be connected however I want with wires and 4mm banana connectors. Each pin is wired to the female banana connectors and the cathode, heaters, grids and anode are connected to the other row of female connectors, this I can route all possibility's. I'm also making a second case with more not so common tube sockets, just in case I should need it.

This tester can do some simple testing like mu, gm, RA and Ia so you can see how healthy it still is but it can also do some tracing so you can compare it to a datasheet. It can do 10 different sorts of tracing. Also if you have a dual triode like the ECC83 you can trace them both at once, so need to do one half first and then the other half, great for comparing both triodes. It can also do power tubes and rectifiers. Even magic eyes with a small modification.

I LOVE IT!!!!  ;D


Peter H. Boer

Nothing beats MB-1s and MP-1s with MDRTs



Hey MJMP, spectacular  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!:
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Arw man, that's sexy stuff.
A smart man in the Netherlands.. mmnn.. might his online handle start with M ?


No, it's not Machiniator  ;D  His name is Ronald, he has a PhD and is part time professor at the university and he also works for Philips research. Great guy, knows a lot of stuff.

Duke of Metal

it looks like something you see in a CSI TV show. LOL..  "CSI Belgium: MJMP Edition". LOL

Very cool doc.  You thinking of reselling some tubes?


CSI Belgium hahahaha  :thumb-up:

No ,no reselling, just need it to test tubes from customers and for my own (pre)amps


Nice toy

Damn Danny :banana-trip:
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