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I have 4 of them, they sound great. My only complaint would echo MJMP, they do lack some bass.

Yeah I just picked them up & honestly I can't believe the condition that there in! Of course like all of the old school stuff there built like Tanks & after I clean them up a bit I will get to hear what they sound like...They are very cool considering the size & weight over a full 4x12..You can pick them up & move em around with ease... :headbanger:

Are these the regular ones or the vintage? (has a switch on the back)

Hey Steve, good to have you back  :thumb-up: :whoohoo!: . So obviously the password reset worked  :metal: .
I have 3 slant split stacks.  The first 2 were made here in Australia under license and I had them loaded with 90w 8 ohm Mesa Celestians. Used them for many years, great cabs and still going strong..
I bought a single slant SS from a pawn shop which was imported (slightly different back plate) and it's loaded with 75w 16 ohm Celestians.  I've wired that cab to be either stereo (2 x 16 ohm) or mono (8 ohm) depending what jacks I plug into it.  I've used it for a long time now as it very convenient just having one 2 x 12 cab.  MikeB uses that cab when we rehears at my house.  It also sounds great but I do get a little bit of flanging when running it stereo (which is typically how I use it).


--- Quote from: MarshallJMP on June 19, 2017, 02:41:59 PM ---Are these the regular ones or the vintage? (has a switch on the back)

--- End quote ---
Hey buddy how's it going? Long time no talk (LOL) Hope all is well? The set I got must be the "Regular" ones...there's no switch on the back. What's the difference between them again? They are equipped with Celestion G12S-50 Watt Speakers... :headbanger:


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