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Hey Steve, the standard SS input jacks are 1: in, 2: parallel (just wired parallel to the in so can be used as output to other speaker cab you want in parallel), and 3: series to connect another cab in series, there's a bunch of pics for the different cab combinations in the manuals.  But basically just run one cab off each side of your power amp(s).  The cabs should be 8 ohm (ie 2 x 16 ohm 50w celestians wired in parallel within the cab = total 8 ohms).  Splitting them a fair way apart is a good idea, play around and hear what works for you (and the room)

Thanks for all the info Rich I appreciate it! I will move them around & see what they sound like after I hook them up Thanks again!  :banana-rock:


--- Quote from: Soloist on June 20, 2017, 09:46:56 AM ---Hey RandallRG, even though they lack on the low end I use the parametric eq in my G major2 to add in more bass without the split stacks flubbing out. They kick ass for the 80's type metal I play. :headbanger:

--- End quote ---
Soloist thanks for the info Dude...Glad to hear that they "Kick Ass" for 80's M-E-T-A-L! That's what I am all about! (LOL) Still very cool to be able to find & have the gear from back in the day...Appreciate it Dude! LONG LIVE THE M-E-T-A-L!  :metal: :metal:


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