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Part 2

Started by Kim, July 13, 2016, 02:59:24 AM

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Peter H. Boer

Nothing beats MB-1s and MP-1s with MDRTs



Two studio engineers are discussing singers who can't keep correct pitch to the pont they can't really sing.
One says, "sure, the Mellotron and various software may fix pitch problems, but you just can't polish a turd."
The other quickly responds, "oh, but you can. Recording engineers do it every day."


Tough dude is talking about life with his van - which has a female name to it, and, while commenting on the van's needs, says..
"I was seeing this woman for a while, we ain't together anymore; guess she was a recovering lesbian of sorts.."


Dan Formosa, while holding a TED talk, "Why not admit there is a problem with math and musicĀ“c is broken", get onto the two brain halves, saying that in modern times we're taught that the right brain is the musical artistic one, and the left brain is the mathematical one.
He goes on saying that we do not have a right brain and a left brain, bur rather a right brain-half and a left brain-half.
And sums up: If you meet someone saying "I'm is a left-brain person or I'm a right-brain person", what you should do is saying to yourself, "I'm talking to a half-brain person."


In a resent TED show, non-verbal communication covered types of people.
The presenter claimed there are three types: Looker - 70% of population, listeners - 20% and feelers - 5%.
Lookers, well, looks a lot at people, feels comfy about eye contact, dress well...
Listeners do not like eye contact, dress casually...
Feelers dress comfy, likes to reach out and get close, has rich lip features...

In the comment section below the video, Mr. Keys said:
I'm the elusive taster.  I enter board meetings and lick people until I feel comfortable.   :P


Anyone seen Le Zap de Cocaine.fr ?
Nope, it's not about Columbian MarchPowder, just some fun vids.
The good thing about those is that the have mixed stuff, rather than the usual with on topic per vid.

Anyways, this one, at 11:14, reveals an alternative way of playing ac/dc..
And, 15:08 and 16:35 shows daring alternatives to our very own, "The Bar is Open"..


That'll show 'em.


 :lol: :lol: , been there a few times
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