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Author Topic: New tube technology soon to be released  (Read 14025 times)

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Re: New tube technology soon to be released
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I kind of think about it as we are everywhere already, so it's more a matter of where you focus.  This makes more sense if you expand your version of "time" and understand that while it seems linear (here on earth), it's not.  And as we come to understand gravity better (which is happening) the (limitless) possibilities become clearer.

Yep, you got it just right. What you call focus is what many, like myself, refer to as creating a projection into the future.
Without a projection, you still will go somewhere, only, by now life will simply grab you by the collar and take you whereever the vector of all other intelligent beings projections are directed. Your own projection, if strong enough, is what will take you somewhere wanted by yourself.

Now, the peneal gland is indeed very much part of being able to create this projection. Very interesting study, and moreover, training, though it takes years.
Just beware that a well functioning pineal can have a tendency to take you off the physical world of reality, sortof like doing retreats on meditation. Some is great, too much is, in my opinion, tantamount to narcicism.

Really doesn't all have too much to do with tubes, though, except that tubes on the inside contains near vacuum, and that's where the pineal may take you too, so.. :shrug:


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Re: New tube technology soon to be released
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Hey El, thanks for the link, interesting, could be the heart of a MP3, hope they make a long plate version LoL.

Oh, you mean the 40-pin ship? :lol:

- did April 1st get prolonged this year?  Ahh, it's one of dem shooting years..
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