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Author Topic: Hello from Iceland  (Read 66 times)

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Hello from Iceland
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Hi everyone. I´ve been putting together a rack (actually 2x12U cabinets) for a while now and late one night earlier this year I stumbled across an ADA MP1 locally and quickly scooped it up. I´ve been reading a lot here about the mp1, lots of knowledgeable folks around these parts.

I´m kind of wondering what exactly to do with it, to mod it or not. Maybe just do what needs to be done to make it sound the best it can or go 3tm on it. I have in the rack also a Demeter TGP3, Myasnikov is currently making for me a HBE preamp with a JJ switch and I might be getting my hands on a X99. Been wondering if I should rather go with a mod 4 or on it since I read it keeps it more in the Marshall territory but havent found any clips of that mod so hard to judge what it actually is.

Like I said I have 2x12U racks. In the first one is like this
St.Rock react ir
M Audio Profire 2626 just for extra I/O
Apogee element 24
Samson SM10 line mixer
SRV 2000
SDE 3000
SPX 900

Underneath that I have
G lab midi loop switcher
Suhr  boost line driver
Boss Sd1
Source audio eq2
ISP decimator 2 g string
Empress buffer plus

in the other rack
Voodoo labs gcx
Egnater ss4
Rockman Octopus
Radial Shotgun (to split the signal to the 4 preamps)
Demeter tgp3
Myasnikov HBE (being built)
Hopefully X99
Marshall 9005   A side with el34 B side with 6Ca7
Seymour Duncan KTG 2100 A side with kt88 B side with 6550

On top of the racks I have a Vox MV50 AC (feeding it from the Empress tuner out)  that will go into the M-Audio when I am using the Demeter for that STP sound.

and a ground control pro to rule them all. I am pretty much done with wiring the power up and hopefully starting soon on wiring all the cables to connect everything up.
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Re: Hello from Iceland
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Hey TOni, welcome to the depot  :wave: .  Wow, lots of nice gear.  Depending how/what you play, I'd go for the "do what needs to be done" option.  MP-1 has lots of gain, but if you want more, like some here, then go 3TM.
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