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Author Topic: Fender Cyber-Twin SE  (Read 605 times)

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Harley Hexxe

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Re: Fender Cyber-Twin SE
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             Yes Sir! That is correct. Each speaker output delivers 145 watts RMS for a combined total of 435 watts when all three cabs are plugged in. I have the cabs for it too. One is loaded with 2x15" JBL D140 speakers, the other two cabs are loaded with 2x12" JBL D120 in one, and 2x12" Altecs G-17 in the other. Two of the cabs are the mid-sized Fender cabs which look like a slightly smaller 4x12 cab, but only containing two speakers each. the third cab is a smaller 2x12 cab from 1965 that is about the size of a Twin Reverb. This cab also has the tilt-back legs that are on a Twin so I normally use it as a side fill cab.

            This circuit design was created for Fender by Bill Hughes, (designer of the Ampeg SVT), and it is one HEAVY amplifier head that weighs in just a little more than a vintage Twin Reverb by itself! There are a pair of massive transformers located at either end of the chassis with the power tubes in between them and the preamp tubes are lined up along the back of the chassis.
            On the front panel, where you would find what Fender called the "Normal" channel, on this amp it is called the "Bass" channel. You have the same controls as you would find on the traditional Normal channel, Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass, but instead of a Bright switch, there is a "Deep" switch. The Vibrato channel has the same controls found on any Twin Reverb of the era with a Master Volume, including Reverb and Vibrato.

            I've only used this amp at a couple of outdoor Hippie Festivals, and it's loud enough to bury the whole band. The only way I could describe the tone of this amp would be sort of like a Twin, but on Mega-steroids!

Harley 8)
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Re: Fender Cyber-Twin SE
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Thanks Harley for the explanation.
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