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Author Topic: Sources for the pedal  (Read 458 times)

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Andrew Smith

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Sources for the pedal
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I thought it might be useful for fans of the pedal to have sources to get a hold of an MP-1 Channel since they are currently not being made despite promises from ADA that they will again.

I've noticed that they are still available in Indonesia, and I have ordered one from Lo-Fi Music in Jakarta (they ship to Australia at least), but there are quite a few stores in the country that have stock. I thought it might be a useful thread for those looking to get a hold of one if anyone else wants to add places to procure the mercurial stompbox

Lo-Fi Music:
https://www.Faceb** or

Hari Hari Musik:
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Re: Sources for the pedal
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Hey Andrew, that's for the heads up, I didn't realise they had stopped making them  :facepalm: .  IIRC Deluxe Guitars in Melbourne are an agent for A/DA.
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