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Author Topic: Taylor Baby Bass  (Read 333 times)

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Taylor Baby Bass
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A friend I'm teaching guitar bought a Taylor Baby Bass.  I had a play at her lesson this week.  Nice little bass (though not cheap $1300 AUD).  Seems to be maple back sides and neck with a spruce top and rosewood finger board.  The pick up seems to be a piezo under the saddle and the little preamp (vol, tone, tuner) runs on 2 x CR2032 button batteries (not seen that before).  It distorted a bit from time to time but otherwise worked reasonably well.  The tuner is pretty basic and not particularly accurate, but usable.  I recorded a bit of stuff for her to play along with into her Roland RC-30 loop station (interesting gadget, I've never used one before).  Last thing I did was oil the finger board with some dunlop 65 lemon oil (it needed a drink even though it was new) and took out a little neck relief (fortuitously I have a taylor neck wrench/socket that came with my baby taylor, they don't seem to include them these days, I suspect it's the same size as the Gibson neck adjusters). The adjustment made all the difference, brought the action down a bit and now plays even better.Initially I ran it through my MB-1 > desk > B200s > Messa P112 cabs, sounded very nice.  The MC-30 L/R > desk, also sounded great but wanted to feed back (as acoustic things tend to).  Definition between open E and F wasn't great, then that's common on very short scale basses.  But that was my only complaint.  They would make a nice addition to your setup if you want something compact to add a bit of bass to your recording etc.
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