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Author Topic: Seeking MP-1 experienced technician in Chicago?  (Read 3277 times)

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My MP1 needs some help. The fx loop sounds distorted when routed "in". I'm using clean delay and chorus. The display won't light up and patch switching and edit functions are inaccessible when the preamp is cool (anything temp below 70F). Anyone? Thanks!


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Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I can't give you a name in CHI who knows the MP-1 inside out, but any good amp tech should be able to help you with a problem like this.

This is the guy I use for just about everything in Dallas:
He's great, but shipping would set you back a bit. I wouldn't think it would be too difficult to find a good local tech. Good luck.


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I missed it as well  :facepalm: . Cant help with a US tech but I'm working through a few things with one of my MP-1s with my tech here in Australia.  Last report he said it needed to warm up for a while first, which is better than it was.When we get it sorted I'll post what happened, there are some similarities to what you are describing so it may help.The display issue "may" be the ribbon cable between the front buttons and the main board. You can check that (and clean the connections) but be gentle, the ribbon cable is delicate and they get brittle over time.
Fx loop distorting may be gain related  :dunno: , what delay & chorus are you using ?  Remember the Fx loop level pot on the MP1 is a dual ganged opposed pot so when you increase the send level it decreases the return level and vis-versa.To trouble shoot it:Clean the send and return jacks and the Fx level pot with decent contact cleaner.There is always signal at the send (regardless of patch Fx in/out status) so take the send direct to power amp and check if it's distorting (ie problem before the send).  The signal at the send is post gain stage and pre chorus etc. Level is adjusted by the Fx level pot.The return is activated by the patch setting (Fx in/out), if you use a short jack lead between the send and return jacks and turn the Fx loop in/on and adjust the Fx level pot so there is no volume change and it doesn't distort, then it's to do with the Fx devices and their input and output (gain) settings.
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