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Author Topic: Getting your Sound  (Read 13827 times)

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Re: Getting your Sound
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Well that's some useful advice.  It's also something that I have done before.  However I've never had it as a permanent fixture.  I always found it similar to a wha pedal set in a stuck position.  Something I used to do back in my early days using my old Zoom 2100.

Now the rockmaster is famous for being a mid scooping machine but as I mentioned in the thread, it's something I do not do.  Now I've mentioned that as of saturday I dropped my mids on the preamp from about +2 to about -1 and engaged the mid body shift but in no way would I say I've went for a scooped mid sound.  I'll record some next week and see what y'all think.

I'm not really sure what thge rockmasters push pull mid shift does, but to my ears it seemed to provide a better low end, more throastey, and to clear it up a little I just had to dial it below the centre 0.  Now having been using the rockmaster for a couple of years I've never had the mid knob more than +3 or less than -3.  I've seen some guys have wayyyy less on the mid knob than me.  I imagined that would sound truly scooped and awful.

The problem for me generally is I do require a more thrashy esque tone for some numbers.  But of late I have not utilized one set up specifically for this sound.  I try to find one in the middle.  Ideally I'd like to have one though and also then my more mid based tone, and also have so that our bassist could change sound to match what ever setting I have.  I believe this would work really well, but I just have not taken the time to set it up.  During gigs I would also say to the sound man so as he could accommodate us.  I used to have something that attempted this but I never felt like I really pulled it off.  I must try and work this out again.  Sometimes a little too much mids will not work with the faster more thrash metal type songs.
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