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MP1 general refurb guide?

Started by alienbusa, September 09, 2023, 09:56:17 AM

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I'm not new (been lurking around) but I'm one of those guys that gigged (and still has) my original 30+ year old mp1.
I have that and 3 others I got over the years.  They sound fine but it's definitely time to do the basic replacements.
I found a ton of mod posts but not necessarily a basic "this is what is needed to refurb MP1".  Especially a parts list with cap values etc...
I'm fine with a soldering iron and electronics but wanted to see what I could find.



Hey Alienbusa, the basics are probably battery mod, as these have all pretty much worn out, EPROM v2.01 (provides load/dump capability and some later factory patches) and front jack as it takes the most wear and tear (rear jack mod for top switch units).  If it's noisy then MP-1 noise mod(s) helps.  Since you have 4 you could consider the MDRT for at least one of them, it really opens up the dynamics and also helps with noise but it does sound different (less boxy) and not everyone wants that.  The more extreme/thorough is to replace everything you can, Systematic Chaos did that and posted about it.  There are a couple of noise mod options depending partly on if you are also doing the MDRT replacement http://www.marshalljmpmodshop.net/miscellaneous_parts_and_replacement_tubes.htm 
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I should have mentioned that I did do the battery and eprom upgrade on all.  I'm not interested in any type of non stock mods.  I basically just want it to be back to new condition so I can gig with it again.  I can't really tell any tone differences at this point but it ay be that I'm just used to the gradual change in tone.  Not sure.


The EPROM and battery change that you made won't change the tone at all  :thumb-up:   So seems what would be best for you is do the same as Systematic Chaos did http://adadepot.com/index.php?topic=2837.msg31513#msg31513.  He even went so far as to source the first MP-1 transformer (later models had a slightly different one). The end result is a MP-1 just like new.
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