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Author Topic: Fixing-up any old gear  (Read 11805 times)

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    • Dannyjoe Carter
Re: Fixing-up any old gear
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Hey DJC,

   To embellish on the subject a little bit more, I would just say from my own ears perspective, the short plate tubes seem to produce a more linear, or brittle sound. It gets too shrill for my taste. I find the medium and long plate tubes are much easier to bear.
    Long plate tubes, (depending on who makes them), can also warm up the low end on a guitar amp and help it cut through a mix without having to tweak your EQ for a different venue.
    Just my opinion though. Your own ears will tell you what you like.

      Harley 8)

 Thank you for that info Harley!! Yes Richard has been sharing with me his thoughts on long vs. short, which I had never heard of long or short, so this is an interesting subject!!

 I'm going to go through all this very soon!   :thumb-up:
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