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Author Topic: MP-1 Tone Signature Mod descriptions  (Read 24711 times)

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Re: MP-1 Tone Signature Mod descriptions
« Reply #30 on: Time Format »

Would it be possible for someone to list the different MODs, and something of a "real world" example of how that particular mods sounds? Perhaps an artist or a particular songs, or songs, or albums, that would reflect what that MOD is good for? What can it do and what can it NOT do? I know they have changed since this thread started and some of the MODs are not really viable anymore - kind of deprecated (I guess MOD 1, 2, & 3 aren't really done anymore).

So the ones that are actually used these days are:

MOD 3.1       - who's signature tone does this sound most closely like? Maybe a couple examples of albums this could replicate the best? What are the shortcoming of it - what can you expect it to not be able to do?

MOD 3.666    - same as above?
MOD 4mkII    - same as above?
3TM              - same as above?
SS                - same as above?

Are there on of these MODs that makes owning a Marshall JMP-1 obsolete? or conversely, which MOD would you choose if you already had a JMP-1 and didn't want to duplicate the sound?



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Re: MP-1 Tone Signature Mod descriptions
« Reply #31 on: Time Format »

If you scroll up (or down in my case, I list/sort post in recent first order) you'll find Kim did a description of a bunch of mods (albeit not all the ones you've listed).Very subjective re making anything else obsolete, owning MP1/2 has made my 73 Marshall 50 obsolete although I'd never sell it.
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