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Matrix poweramps

Started by shreddingjoris, April 22, 2014, 08:48:00 AM

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Has Anyone xp with these poweramps (and ada mp1)?


I've posted the very same question in the 'rack gear' section, you might want to pursue the conversation there. :)


Didn't  see that, Thanks. Still... no one seems to have soundclips, Tobad...


no one seems to have soundclips, Tobad...
Bit hard as we have a 2MB posting limit and any decent sound file will be way more than that so we have to stick them elsewere (e.g. you tube which only supports very ordinary sound quality, so hard to really hear the nuances.
For the best out of a MP1 you should go for a very clean/transparent power amp, you want the colour to come from the MP1, not the amp (or you'll spend some time adjusting patches to suit the amp).  In the 1RU stakes, the Carvin DLM200 (previously 100) is probably the go.  In 2 RU then the ADA B200s is the bees knees, and a more modern amp that works well is the Carvin TS100 (all tube quite heavy).  Then there are all the other poweramp offerings by Boogie, Peavy, Marshall etc.
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