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My trusty Vee

Started by Dante, March 04, 2023, 04:35:11 PM

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I don't think I've posted much on here about my Epiphone Korina Vee, so here goes. I bought her on a whim while waiting for a sushi restaurant to open sometime in 2012 I think. With 45 minutes to kill, I stumbled into a music store with brass instruments in the window. On the back wall, was about 1/2 dozen guitars hanging up, the Vee was placed dead center, shining like a beacon

I always liked them, and the price wasn't bad....

One of the fins got banged pretty good, so I put some rubber around each of them and they work great as feet. Just stand the guitar on it's feet, no worries about falling over. For years now, I've had a white Seymour Duncan Jazz in the neck and black SD JB in the bridge. TBH, that bridge was a bit bright in that guitar, so I started to experiment. I tried lots of PUs, even a GFS Dream 90 (hot P90 clone)

I ended up putting the neck PU in the bridge and the GFS Dream 90 in the neck. The Dream 90 is a snarling single coil and sounds very smooth in the neck. Running the center position gives me a good Strat tone, cleans sound good everywhere.

Here's a pic of the guitar with the old PUs (shows the rubber feet) and a pic with the flipped PUs

Harley Hexxe

That's a sweet looking guitar Dante,

    Is that Mahogany or Korina? That also brings another question to mind; how does the Jazz sound in the bridge position?

    The JB and Screamin' Demon are probably the only SD pickups I like so far, so I'm surprised that it sounded that bright. There are a couple of other SD pickups I'm curious about, the Saturday Night Special is one, and I can't recall what the other one is called at the moment, but it's supposed to be a knock off of a Jimmy Page pickup. For the most part, I find SD pickups lack body in the pickups. They're just really thin sounding, and many are too weak.

    My Fender Showmaster guitars, (MIK), came with SD Pearly Gates in the bridge, and a RWRP Jazz in the neck, (why would you do that to a humbucker)? So, I've yanked those out of there and currently, I use a Dimarzio Air Zone in the bridge and an Air Norton in the neck. The other Showmaster had a Steve's Special in the bridge, until the pickup shorted out, and I currently have a Tone Zone in the bridge on that one, and an Air Norton in the neck. I liked the Steve's Special in the bridge as it gave the guitar a bright sound that is very much like Waddy Wachtel's old Les Paul guitar tone. The Tone Zone has a very nasally quality to it which doesn't really appeal to me, so I've thought about putting a Norton pickup in there, but I'm open to suggestions for that one. I've been looking at GFS pickups, but I'm not really sure about what their tone descriptions are going to give me in that guitar. I may drop the Screamin' Demon in that guitar just to see how it works with the Air Norton. I'll say this about the Air Buckers, they have plenty of power on tap, but when I add more gain to the tone, they retain a lot more clarity than other humbuckers which is something I like, and the tone is well balanced and full-bodied, so they cut through the mix better at higher gain settings.

    By the way, the HH Showmaster guitars are Mahogany necks on a Basswood body. The SSS model seems to have a Mahogany body as well as the neck, and it's noticeably heavier than the other two. For that one, I think I'm going to try a set of Zexcoil pickups, as the SD 5-2 pickups are probably the worst sounding single coils I've ever heard. I'll probably toss those in the trash when I pull them out of that guitar.
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It's Korina! Sounds a lot like my (Gibson) Korina Explorer when played unplugged....something about that wood, it has a tone. I was very happy with the Jazz in the neck and it's great in the bridge too! It is a bit lower power than most of my other pickups, but I can crank the gain to get the grit while it still sounds open and articulate in the chords. Pretty cool, I may have to look into more low-output buckers in the future

I've played this guitar and my goldtop Ibanez more than any others over the past 10-15 years of steady gigging. Funny, because they're the two with stop tail bridges, no whammys

Harley Hexxe


    Yeah, Korina is a brighter tone wood than Mahogany, so a JB should sound a bit more balanced in a warmer tone wood like Mahogany or Swamp Ash. I may get one and try that in the Showmaster, although it may be a bit shrill in that guitar. Basswood isn't that warm and has a sort of 'hollow' sounding resonance to it. I'll have to look up the power on the Jazz pickup and see how it compares to the Screamin' Demon. They might pair up pretty well if the Jazz output is low enough to not overpower the Screamin' Demon. I may try out that pair in the sunburst Showmaster. I'm thinking about putting a Floyd on that one.

   It's funny, I like the Gibson style "V" guitars but like you said the don't have a trem on them. Maybe I should look for a Jackson Randy Rhodes type of "V" instead.
I only have two brain cells left, ...and I'm saving them for the weekend!

Peter H. Boer

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