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rack with 3tm mp1 Rane EQ Gmajor 2 Hush Ultra marshall 8008

Started by Damn-Danny, September 15, 2020, 06:50:09 AM

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I had all
disconnected unit and have everthing reconnected as follow.
gtr into Pro Tone  JL signature OD to Pitchblack Racktuner to Ada 3tm mp1 to Rane mpe28 , Rocktron Hush Ultra to G major 2 to Marshall Valvestate 8008 to Laney IRT 2x12 with HH speakers.
All works now and midi switching also.

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ADA 3TM mp1
ADA Ampulator
Ada mp2  (working now)
Yerasove Detonator - P (for sale)
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Marshall 8008 Valvestate
Peavey  6505MH
Rane mpe 28
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