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The Potomuss Bass-O-Rama

Started by potomuss, May 04, 2018, 06:54:05 AM

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Part I:

95 Carvin LB70 (blue) - Dumped stock bridge and electronics for Hipshot Kickass bridge and Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pups w/STC-3P preamp.
92 Carvin LB75 (black) - Stock in this picture, but will get the same treatment as above.
91 Carvin LB75F (white) - Stock fretless with white nylon flats.
95 Hamer B12L (black) - 12 string. No way to describe how much I love this bass.
89 Fender USA Precision Plus (blue) - EMG BQC preamp with active EMG pups at 18v.
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Part II:

16 Fender USA Geddy Lee Jazz (black) - Stock. Mean.
10(ish) Waterstone TP-8 (black) - 8 string semi-hollow body.
68(ish) Conrad (red burst) - 4 string hollow body. Still not sure on model and year, but late 60's early 70's. (Would love to know the model number if anyone knows!)
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A couple more things to show off if I may be so bold. Here's a 1x12 guitar cabinet I built for my vintageish made in England Celestion greenback. Grill cloth was repurposed from an old transistor organ. The bass pedals from a similar organ were wired up to a Teensy microcomputer to create this foot pedal midi controller. Easy DIY project. Works great!
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And finally, after getting into the 8 and 12 string thing I began experimenting with adding guitar amps to the mix. I picked up this solid state Orange head (CR120) because it sounds great without the maintenance or expense of a tube head. Needed a cabinet to go with it so I built this Orange inspired 2x12, sized appropriately to match the head. Cab is loaded with two 75 watt Eminence Governors at 8 ohms.
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I like that hollowbody bass, and that bass pedal foot controller is badassery!!


Thanks Dante! I like to share those that project in case someone is looking for such a solution. I believe the Teensy processor unit on that foot pedal cost about $30 USD. Everything else was recycled from somewhere.
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Hey Pos, great collection  :thumb-up: , and I love the cabs you made  :whoohoo!: .
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