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MP-1 Speaker Suggestions

Started by Ludachris0606, November 28, 2016, 06:26:59 PM

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The JCM800 cabs had 4 different speakers over the years. They started with the G12-65's and in their model 1982 cabs G12H100's.Then by the end of 83 they started using the not so popular G12M70 speaker to go to the G12T75 speaker by the mid 80's.

That aside, I really didn't know there was such a huge difference between the old and new G12T75's.I'm really amazed by this.


 :whoohoo!: , new speakers are coming your way  :thumb-up: >:D

I think I posted this before (https://www.melbournemusiccentre.com.au/auxpage_lorantz/).  The Lorantz speakers are definitely worth considering.  I want to get a pair at some point for my open back 2 x 12 cab.
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