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Valve/Tube tester

Started by Rusty, October 28, 2015, 12:38:14 AM

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Hey my fellow ADAer's.

I have been supplied with the main components for another project that I'm going to build soon. It's the "Sussex" valve/tube tester designed by the great late Mike Rowe over at UK Vintage Radio and enhanced by many of the brilliant engineers over there who are so good to everyone. A real nice forum and a privilege to be part of I must say.  :)

It kind of borrows a little from the famous AVO CT160 and is a seriously brilliant affordable project that has so much support from the guys over there. I already got the PCB and custom made XFRMR, I'm going for it people.

I'll keep you's posted on the progress ok.   :)

Thanks for reading.



Hey Go Rusty  :thumb-up: Looking forward to the posts my friend.
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El Chiguete

So what exactly does it test?
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Tubes I suspect LoL sorry El couldn't resist  ;)
So my understanding of tube testing thingies is they use various known and repeatable test signals to check the tubes characteristics like:
Overall gain for matched pair, quads or just high gain
Gain from each triode (of twin triode tubes e.g. all the 12A?7s) for matched triodes
microphonics ? not sure on this one, maybe they just tap them with a spoon ??
noise (signal to noise ratio)
attack transients
Anyway my guess off the top of my head

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