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Let us never forget our beloved founder - RIP Jurrie, we all miss you very much

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 on: Time Format 
Started by CJE - Last post by MarshallJMP
Ok let me know.

 on: Time Format 
Started by rnolan - Last post by Dante

 on: Time Format 
Started by rnolan - Last post by rnolan
Registrations are closed again  :facepalm: .  99.99% are spammers and just cause us lots of work to get rid of them.  If you want to join and ask questions/participate in the discussion, please use the "Need Help?" button and we'll register you.

 on: Time Format 
Started by CJE - Last post by rnolan
Hey CJE, welcome back  :wave:   Hopefully MJMP can work out what the problem is from the recordings  :dunno: .  The noise mod for the MP-2 is quite extensive (1 resistor and 21 caps) and not for the faint hearted, you need reasonable de soldering skills to do it, or get a decent tech to do it for you.  Not that it's not worth doing, but I don't think it will fix the ticking.  I've done one of my MP-2s (I have 5 now), the others don't need it yet (2 I've had since new which are still fine).  What will need replacing is the memory battery, they last a long time but not forever.  The battery keeps power to the RAM chip where all your programs/patches get stored.  If you run up a patch you really like, make sure you write it down (or back up to PC via midi/sysex) just in case the battery dies on you before you get to replace it (CR2032 button battery 3v Li).  Also check R611 (see the eliminate noise gate chatter pdf I attached earlier), it describes where to find it and how to tell if it's been fixed.

 on: Time Format 
Started by CJE - Last post by CJE
Haven't been here in a little while, sorry. I'll try to get a recording of that noise. I got this unit from the original owner, I don't think he used it much and it has just sat for a long time. Looks unused aside from the replaced eprom. I am going to do the noise mod on this thing, I see a fair amount of elecrolytic caps in there and I'm wondering if this is just the sound of a bad cap in the power section? Nothing looks damaged or bloated/exploded in there to me but I want the least amount of noise in it anyway so I'm hoping that will take care of the clicking. It sounds like digital clock noise and I will try to get a recording later today. I really appreciate the help, this is a a great community of people that share the love for these old units and I just want to see it ride again. 

 on: Time Format 
Started by Syntho - Last post by Harley Hexxe
Hey Richard,

I only mentioned that to see if anyone got any kind of tone with that particular OD setting. Truth be told, I believe whoever typed up those presets to post on line might have had a moment of dyslexia, and reversed OD1 and OD2. That would seem to make more sense, but anything is possible.

Maybe contacting Paul and asking if he remembers any of that from back in the day? :dunno:

 on: Time Format 
Started by Satch - Last post by Harley Hexxe
I got a couple of shirts last week.

They look great and they are VERY comfortable. I'm thinking maybe I should get a couple more before they're all gone ::)

I'm not much of a hat guy, (I still have hair), but I think one of these would be nostalgic to have around.

Harley  8)

 on: Time Format 
Started by Satch - Last post by rnolan
 :whoohoo!: , Just got 2 x T shirts and a cap, really good quality and they look great  :thumb-up: .  Thanks Satch  8)

 on: Time Format 
Started by Syntho - Last post by rnolan
Hey Harley, I have run a MP-1 into amp inputs but not with OD-1=0 (no sound no point  :dunno: :crazy: ). I pretty much bought the first MP-1 that came into Australia, and I worked it into my "then" rig until I bought (could afford) a B200s, Quadverb and AM802 8 ch desk and built a rack setup.  Back then I was using 2 Marshall heads (1973 50w (with Tom Shultz power soak) & 100w Artist), Rockman X100 (for lead boost as neither Marshalls had master vol or channel switching).  I had a Korg digital delay and a Korg stereo chorus (pedals) and a A/B/A+B switch up front (and the 100w Artist had spring reverb  :whoohoo!: ).  The X100 has a stereo in (for playing along to tracks) so I plugged the MP-1 outs into that.  IIRC the MP-1 input came off one of the Marshall Artist 4 inputs and the Rockman outs (L/R) went to each Marshall via a couple of resisters to bring the line lv signal down to inst level.  It all sounded pretty good but was very squealy when not playing (not surprising considering I had 4 preamps going with A+B switched), the band called it the beast.  Anyway then I built the rack and never looked back, no more annoying pedals/pedal dancing, or power needed at your feet, programmable lead boost and fx, heaven on a stick.

 on: Time Format 
Started by Syntho - Last post by Harley Hexxe
I'm curious if anyone ever tried plugging the output of the MP-1 into the input of an amplifier, to see if that 0 setting on OD1 produced any kind of sound? (Sort of like using the MP-1 as a Boost pedal, although that is a weird way to get that effect).

Still, you need some kind of level in OD1 to start getting any tone at all. That may be a typo. It could have been a 9, but someone didn't catch it. I'd have to go look at where OD2 is set with that to see if it makes any sense. I could see OD1 at 9 while OD2 is set at 0, because you'd still get a crunchy overdriven tone that way.

Just sayin'

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