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MP2 pots

Started by conraruther@gmail.com, July 10, 2024, 05:04:44 AM

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Hello there!!! need to buy pots for
my mp2.
could you please inform me specs and where to get them?

Many thanks!!!!



Hey C, welcome to the depot :wavingsmiley: .  Not sure if you really want your email address as your "visible" user name :crazy:   I'd suggest you change it but hey up to you (as in anyone can see it (user names) whereas only members can see your email address, and, only if you allow it).

So MP-2 has 2 pots, volume pot (A10k) and Room EQ (B50k).  You can order them from MarshallJMP https://www.marshalljmpmodshop.net/miscellaneous_parts_and_replacement_tubes.htm
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