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1.28i Digital Delay

Started by Smokestack52, June 04, 2024, 10:56:53 AM

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Quote from: Harley Hexxe on June 06, 2024, 12:57:28 PM
Quote from: rnolan on June 06, 2024, 02:52:27 AMHey Harley, holy crap batman, that's allot of delays :headbang:

Did you forget how many S-1000 delays I have? (11 is the magic number).

Not to mention the D-4s I have and the 2FX.

Not to brag or anything, but I think I might own one of the larger collections of ADA gear here in the USA.

Well I guess I have the largest ADA collection in the EU :grin:  But I don't have 11 S1000

Effects wise I have
1 2FX (with footpedal)
2 D640
3 Digitizers (with footpedal)
1 Final phase and 1 flanger pedal
2 Pitchraq's
2 S1000 (one black and grey facepanel)
3 STD-1 (2 regular 1 studio version)
2 TFX-4 (with footpedal,one black and grey facepanel)
2 i1.28

And I finally completed my ADA midi pedal collection, I got my hands on a 4x4 midi pedal. Someone local had one, he's also a member here and he was so kind to donate it to the ADA collection, so thanks Mike!!!

Midi pedal collection
2 MC-1
1 4x4

Harley, really appreciate you wanting to give me an i2.56 but I'm going to turn one of my i1.28 into a 2.56.

Maybe we should make a new topic, post your ADA gear?

Harley Hexxe


 I do have a pair of Pitchtraqs as well and my original 1978 Flanger. I just didn't mention them because Richard and I were talking about delays. I'd have to go take a complete inventory of all that I have really.

  I never tried out a Final Phase. What's your opinion of that one if I may ask?

  I don't recall the 4X4, what does that one do?

  I'm pretty sure that between you and I, we have all the ADA bases covered. It's possible that I might have the largest USA collection, but I'm sure I'm not the only ADA devotee here on this side of the pond. There may be someone else in the US who has a larger collection than mine.

  As far as the 11 S-1000 delays, anyone who has been a member of the Forum for as long as we have knows my history with that delay. It was my first ADA delay, and I discovered how much more than just delay it did. The reason I have so many is that I set each one to the desired effect and switch between them. One of my favorite setups was when I used my preamps into the large rack loaded with S-1000s and switched everything with my Ground Control and GCX switchers. Total ADA sounds!
I only have two brain cells left, ...and I'm saving them for the weekend!


The final phase is a very weird sounding phaser, you can modulate the modulation giving it some very weird phase effects. There are a lot of reviews on YT of it, I suggest you have a listen.

The 4x4 is a very small midi pedal with only 4 buttons and a slide switch which allows the selection of 4 banks, hence the name 4x4. Each button can be programmed with a desired pc number. If you bought a quadtube combo the 4x4 was in the package. Don't know if it was sold on it's own.

Still missing a lot of ADA stuff, like the harmony synthesizer which is ultra rare , the viper combo's but these only came out in the US.

Harley Hexxe

That's very interesting about the Final Phase. I will go check it out. That also has a built-in OD too if I'm not mistaken.

That also explains why I didn't recall the 4X4, I never got into any of the combo amps. At that time I was more concerned with getting better control over my rack rigs and had just gotten the Ground Control and my 1st GCX. It was almost comical how much floor space I was using with a homemade pedal switcher to control all the ADA effects in my large rack. In addition to the DS-4 and DM-4 switches, I was adding another custom footswitch button, (or buttons) for each S-1000. It was getting ridiculous.
I only have two brain cells left, ...and I'm saving them for the weekend!


Well, thanks for the various tech pages and the schematic!  These documents are as rare as hen's teeth!  They will be helpful to me, I am sure.  I will post back as I am able to tear into the unit and attempt to repair...
I only have this one delay -- the 1.28i -- and an S1000 in my collection.  The S1000 works just fine, am hopeful I'll be able to restore the 1.28i to fully operational status!

Harley Hexxe

Hey Smokestack52,

  I hope you get it going to. If you like the S-1000, you'll like this one too.
I only have two brain cells left, ...and I'm saving them for the weekend!


Hey Smokestack52,let us know if you need any help.