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ADA Expression Pedal question

Started by Dante, February 06, 2024, 09:50:36 AM

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I've wondered this for years, but...why is it that the ADA expression pedal does not function like a standalone expression pedal? Why does it only work in the MXC footswitch? Is it wired differently?

Since I've been experimenting with my crappy expression pedal lately, I tried the ADA one again. No go. I used a typical TRS cable and the proprietary ADA TRS cable, neither work as a standalone. I know the ADA cable works on the ADA footswitch (at least it did years ago)

Harley Hexxe

I've only used a standard TRS cable with my Quad and CC pedals, they work just fine. I never knew about proprietary ADA cables.
In fact, I've been using standard TRS with all the ADA switch pedals.

You know, there could be something in the MXC controller that takes the signal from the Quad and CC pedal, and translates it into a code to send to the MP-2. Since it's the only one that does all those functions in the MP-2. Then again, I remember experimenting with the Ground Control pedal when I first got it and I did plug in the EB Volume pedals into it and controlled different parameters in the MP-2's programs. It was a much more involved set up procedure if I recall correctly. So much so, that I never bothered again and just used the MXC after that.

I did open the CC pedal to get to the pot to spray some Deoxit into it, and that's all there was in it. A pot wired to the jack. (A membrane pressure switch in the toe of the pedal).
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Well, I guess I better get in that monster and see what ain't right because mine has never worked anywhere but in the MP-2

EDIT: I opened it up, there's a jack and a pot inside. That's it. I replaced the jack and got some response, it rolls on but not off. Maybe I get another pot sometime....maybe


As Harley says, the TRS connectors are just standard.  The MXC has 2 inputs for pedals and 2 for quad switches (as you both know), I've never tried plugging them into the wrong socket.  It's the socket however, that gets assigned CC numbers, not the pedal or switch.  So when you plug a Quad switch into switch 2 socket, the buttons get different CC assignments to switch 1 etc.  Seems ADA did their own implementation and whatever is inside the pedal (just a pot and a switch) and the quad switch four switches (with dip switches for momentary or toggle) are designed to work with the MXC. 

@ Dante, didn't you use your Quad switch to interface with some other gear?  I remember you were futzing around with it ages ago.  But of course the MXC will work with other things as it basically spits out the appropriate midi messages.  Though from what you are saying, the ADA exp pedals and quad switches only work (properly) with the MXC.  Not sure if there is some standard for exp pedals/

BTW I had a email from MJMP, he's been laying low on doctors orders but he is ok now,  :whoohoo!: .
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Yeah, I heard MJMP is okay, on the mend (thankfully)

I used my Quad switch as a snake charmer footswitch for the Viper. It works if you only use two of the buttons and set the dip switches just so.

My effects unit at the time (Boss GX-700) allowed me to assign 4 effects to my quad switch. That was handy, I had a solo boost and delay on tap for every patch, plus two more effects. It was a nice setup

The ADA expression pedal (aka the CC pedal) is just a volume pot and a jack, I always thought it was wired funny or something but I guess it's pretty standard. Whatever, I bought a Dunlop vol/expression pedal in mini format....much easier to cart around

Harley Hexxe


Sorry to give you the wrong impression Dante. I never used the Quad or CC pedal on anything other than my MP-2.

I did however, use other controllers on the MP-2, but with a lot of command routing fuss.
I only have two brain cells left, ...and I'm saving them for the weekend!