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When you lose your band

Started by rabidgerry, October 06, 2021, 02:18:51 AM

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Hey RG, PUs make soo much difference, I was reminded tonight at rehearsal, I got out my Profile Silhouette Tel for  run, the bridge PU (SD hot tele) was so thin and toppy on my standard MP-2 patches, it needs it's own bank trailered to it.  It's not often you see a MP-1 patch with that much bass removed (-4), mid and treb flat and crank up the presence  :thumb-up:   

Can you sing?? Personally I love singing, and practice makes me better at it. Though it does depend on how much guitar stuff I have going on.... singing needs a lot of focus.
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I personally always have seemed to need the bass removed on my MP1's.  Probably 0 is the most I ever set it.

You are right about pickups mattering.  I plugged my strat in right in last night using the same patch and I found without the boost it actually sounded ok.  In the bridge that guitar is sporting a rare Fender Enforcer (hex pole piece kind).  It seemed to enjoy the boost off as well as on.  On another guitar the same patch needed the presence dialled down a notch and it has a Super Distortion in the bridge.

I've a stock pile of pickups.  I might swap out the enforcer for a super distortion, I dunno.  I still need to get to know it I think.

Can I sing?  Hmmmmm I thought about this.  I think I possess a bit of ability, however I would need trained up.  I can actually hit some high notes as well.  However it's a one guitar band, and yes there is a lot going on so I don't think I could do both.  I have actually considered dropping guitar to perhaps attempt singing but it's last resort.  However I do like a band called Angel Witch who's for years had one guitar and he was also the singer and lead guitarist.  This is only an old video but you get the idea
.  Had the privilege of supporting these guys once a few years back in Dublin.
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Hey RG, I got my tele out for a run at Wednesday nights rehearsal, it has a very old SD hot tele PU in the bridge, and I've put an Ultrasonic ref 3 in the neck.  The bridge SD cut my head off with my current MP-2 patches.  I've always meant to follow Dante's approach of setting up a bank (so 10 sounds/patches) for each guitar as their PUs are all different, just never got around to it.  The MP-2 patches are tweaked for the Anderson which has Ultrasonics (Ref6 and 2 x Ref 3's).  They also work fine for the JPLP (Burst buckers), but I noticed the other week when I gave my Epiphone SG a run, which has Gibson 57 re-issues in it, the neck PU didn't work very well with my current patches. 

I've always sung and played from the get go, it does take practice, and mostly back in the early days was all one guitar and me singing.  Later, playing with another guitarist and 2 strong singers I moved to just harmonies (mostly) which let me free on the guitar more.  Really depends on the song as well.  Some are easy(ish) to play and sing, others, where there is lots going on on the guitar, are much harder.  The hardest was when I needed to play bass for a while and sing, not so bad for the straight forward stuff, but I struggled when the bass line was more sophisticated.  I got better at it over time but it took some work. I suspect it would be similar for you, but hey, give it a go and see.  At least tide you over until you can find a decent vocalist (which I'm sure you will  :thumb-up: ).
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