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T100S problem

Started by Albator, November 25, 2020, 01:11:40 PM

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I have a problem with the T100S Power amp since a very long time... like since 1995!!
It's getting Extremelly hot.. and the fuse blown a couple of time..

I know I should try to reach with ADA at the time but internet wasn't what it is at the time so I brought it to a repair shop and they tried something but came back with a Hum and was getting hotter.. as I stopped playing at the same time, I stack it in a corner until 2020!

After burning the dust a bit.. it seem to sound as good as it was at the time but still have those problems of getting ridiculously hot and the hum..

I want to see if anyone here can help..


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Hi there!

Looks like the transformer could have issues...something like melted windings isolation?
Do you feel bad smell too when you turn the power amp on?

By the way, most probably MJMP can help here.
On the run again!


I though it was dust burning.. but it is possibly that!!


Let's see what MJMP thinks about that...but it's a possibility.
Blown fuses mean short circuits in power supply section/path, usually.
On the run again!


Well the T100S has a regulated high voltage power supply (never seen this in guitar tube amps) and there was a problem with it so an eco came out for it.
Could also be a failing powertube maybe? Do you see any redplating on one of the tubes? Maybe a failing cap in the power supply?

Which fuse blew? the one on the back or the one on the pcb?


What do you mean with an "eco" came out for it?

The fuse was the one on the back..

The tube seems to works ok I think.. I will plug it again this weekend to see if I can spot where the heat come from..


ECO = engineering change order
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Look it up on google and look at some pics of redplating so you know what to look for.