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Author Topic: How to get this sound?  (Read 4897 times)

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How to get this sound?
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Hope that this is the right Palace for this kind of question.
I watched this video on YouTube
and was asking myself which settings this guy may have used?

Does anyone have suggestions? E.g. tube voicing or graphic eq settings.

Thank you!


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Re: How to get this sound? - Dante's Metal Patch
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I think you have this in the right place. Here's my 'metal' patch on the MP-2, it may not be exactly what you're looking for, but it'll give you a head start. I was trying to emulate the sound of my Mesa Boogie DC-5 combo (a single rectifier) with the trademark 'V' pattern on the EQ.

Keep in mind: the guitar, the pickups, the amp, the speakers, and the room, are all contributing factors to tone. There are more factors of course (mics, mic placement, tunings, strings, etc.) but I wanted to throw that out there. What works for me, may not work for you, and vice versa. I actually have this patch in several different variations for different guitars (I typically save a bank of 10 patches for each guitar - this one is for the Gibson Explorer w/PAF pickups).

Dante's Metal Patch:

Voicing: 5 (Warm Vintage)
Drive: 90
Master: 80

Compressor: OUT

Lo +6
Mid -2
Hi 0
Pres +6

100 = +12
170 = +6
280 = +12
470 = -6
800 = -12
1.3 = -4
2.2 = +10
3.8 = +2
6.3 = +4

Noise Gate: In
Threshold: 50

Chorus: OUT
F/X Loop: OUT (switchable via Quad switch)
Ch A: 60%
Ch B: 40%

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Re: How to get this sound?
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Hey Shredzilla, there's 2 of my MP2 patches that may interest you ( let me know what you think. Another big variable with tone is how you play the notes, I tend to play quite hard and destroy picks and D strings, but if you don't put the energy in.....
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