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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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Author Topic: Hello from Sweden!  (Read 32 times)

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Hello from Sweden!
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I've been reading this forum for years and gotten a lot of great ideas and suggestions and at last I took the time to register, thanks for having me! I am a 43 year old guitarist from Stockholm, Sweden.  I started out in the early 90's playing thrash metal but from mid 90's until now it is almost only Black Metal in different styles.

I first came in contact with ADA in maybe 1993 when we shared a rehearsal place with a Stockholm Death Metal band called Nocturnal Obsession. The guitarist in that band had an ADA MP1 connected to the PA System. We had some trouble with my bands Marshall Valvestate so we thought that we could borrow the ADA for one rehearsal. I connected my guitar, powered it up, took a chord... and BOOM!!, I was completely floored, I had at this time never played any big stages or tube powered guitar heads. I remember the feeling as of today and I get a stupid smile on my face everytime I think of this day.

Anyway, at this in Sweden when we were in our early teens a rack setup was quite far away. We bought old Marshalls and Peavey and carried on. However that ADA sound was always in the back of my head and I thought that one day I shall achieve that sound.

In maybe 2003/2004 an ADA MP2 110 Volt with converter popped up on a swedish market place. The price was around 150 USD and of course I bought it right away. I had never heard the MP2 but I figured that it would be good start. I connected it to a marshall 8008 power amp and I liked what I heard. Still the MP2 holds a special place in my heart. Some years passed and in 2007-2015 the "rack-scene" was completely dead in Sweden. You could find absolute bargains every now and then. 

I bought an MP1, also 110 Volt version for basically no money at all. Okay, so now I had the Mp1 and Mp2 at my rehearsal place. I used these for quite some time and still do when I get the feeling. However, when both a 220 volt MP2 emerged and a MP1 modified by Tommy Folkesson (a legendary Swedish Marshall modder) I had to buy both of course.

After I found this forum and learned about the 3tm and 3.666 mods which both seemed like what I was out for soundwise the hunt started again. To find these in 220 volt versions was not that easy. But on eBay a guy (maybe someone here on the board?) in the UK listed both versions and I got fair price for both units.

The 3tm is by far the best sounding MP1 that I have in my collection, I love it!

My Ada collection as of today -

At home in my studio:
MP1 3.666 mod
MP1 Tommy Folkesson Mod

Everything connected to a RJM Effect Gizmo for easy switching between the ADA's and other preamps.

At my rehearsal place:
MP1 110 volt
Mp2 110 volt
T100S (one of them not working at the moment)
MC1 midi controller
Split stack



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Re: Hello from Sweden!
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Hi and welcome to the depot, you got quite a nice collection of ADA's  :thumb-up:


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Re: Hello from Sweden!
« Reply #2 on: Time Format »

Welcome to the depot  :thumb-up: , very nice collection of gear  :whoohoo!: .
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Re: Hello from Sweden!
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Welcome to the Depot, Kausu!

Nice collection indeed, you've covered a lot of bases with those rigs. I ran my MP-2 into an 8004 (40w version of the 8008) for years, and it did sound great.
ADA Gear: MP-1 Classic | MP-2 | MicroTube 200 | MicroFet | MXC w/Quad Switch
Current Live Rig (wait 10 min., it'll change): Peavey Classic 20mh head into the matching 1x12 speaker cab, using my Boss MS3 via 4CM. Sometimes, I use a Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 50 with the MS3.
Current Rack rig: ADA MP-1 Classic into Boss GX700, running direct in the board. Also have the MP-2 in another 2u 'direct' rig
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