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Author Topic: Groove Tubes GT12AX7M Mullard  (Read 3737 times)

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Systematic Chaos

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Groove Tubes GT12AX7M Mullard
« on: Time Format »

Anyone remember these?
They were hyped some 10-12 years ago and IIRC Harley was a massive user and was raving about them.
I always thought they were discontinued....
I went to a music store today and they had a massive stock so I bought 2 (18$ a piece, fairly reasonable) for my also newly acquired Mesa V-Twin.
First impression is really good....detailed and musically rich
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Re: Groove Tubes GT12AX7M Mullard
« Reply #1 on: Time Format »

He SC, no I don't recall them, but Harley (where is he these days  :dunno: ) know his stuff  :thumb-up: So what are they really ?  GT don't make tubes (as you know) just test and rebrand.Shame you don't have an ADA preamp with you to test them in  :facepalm: .  My guess is these (from what you say) would be nice in a MP1.
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Re: Groove Tubes GT12AX7M Mullard
« Reply #2 on: Time Format »

They were supposed to be a reissue mullard back in 2000, they still sell them but now they are just rebranded Chinese tubes.

Chip Roberts

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Re: Groove Tubes GT12AX7M Mullard
« Reply #3 on: Time Format »

I have GT12AX7s in both of my MP1s.  What makes this particular pair different?
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