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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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Author Topic: Crazy settings but they worked magic with a Mesa Boogie power amp!  (Read 11707 times)

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Just a comment on the mid scooping..
I do know there's a difference between the modern Mesa's and the old Mark II's, but still, do notice how JP (Dream Theater) always has the graphics EQ scooped way down somewhere in the mid section ;)
So, not too much of a wonder it's working for DJC with the MP-1.
The reason most Boogie Mk amp users most often use that distinct V-curve on the characteristic 5Band is that the T/M/B/P EQ is before or in between the gain stages (Fender typology) and shapes the distortion. JP normally runs Treble at 6-7, Mid 4-6 and Bass 1-2.
Since the Mk series (pre- and power section) IS mid-heavy, the 5 Band GEQ shapes the final sound.

The Recto on the other hand has the EQ after the gain stages and acts like like a Marshall, Soldano, Peavey,....
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Well after getting really settled into my new rack I ended up really liking the stock new Mesa 6L6GC STR440s! They really seem to work have a perfect EQ for what I like and need.
 However I did find from Doug at Doug's tubes that the Ruby 6L6GCMSTRs have a natural scooped mid section somehow because of their design. At a later time I may check those out report back Folks  :D
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