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Steve Albini - Big Black guitar tone

Started by nomorepeople, July 04, 2016, 07:17:59 PM

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In case you had some perverse need for "Steve Albini tone," here's a setting that will get you there.  Also an awesome setting to capture upper-end harmonics, which you can switch on at your convenience.  I used Present 34 "Escape" as a starting point   

Tube voicing: Ultimate Hi Gain
Drive: 73, OD: 75. Master: mine is 78
Compressor: OUt
Tone - LO: 0, Mid:+4, Hi: +6, Pres: +6
Graphic EQ: 100 HZ 0db, 170 HZ 0db, 280 HZ -4db, 470 HZ -6db, 800 HZ -6db, 1.3 HZ -2db, 2.2 HZ 0db, 3.8 HZ 0db, 6.3 HZ + 2b
Wah Filter: In, Triggered, Sensitivity: 76, Delay: 28, Start Pt: 70
Tremolo: Out
Noise Reduction: In, Gate, Threshold: 50 (you may set yours differently - mine is noise modded)
Stereo Chorus: In, Depth: 40%, Rate: 0.6 HZ
Stereo FX Loop: None


Hey NMP, thanks for sharing  :thumb-up: , I just noise modded one of my MP2s on the weekend, the mod makes them sound a bit different so it's new patch time for it so I'll give this one a go  :wave:
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Hey NMP, finally programmed it in (not that I know who Steve Albini is LoL).  Nice patch, as you say really nice for squealing harmonics  :thumb-up:
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