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Author Topic: MP-2 Schematic Question - DOOR_SLAMMER  (Read 398 times)

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I'm far from a pre-amp / audio equipment expert, but have been spending a lot of time with the MP-2 schematics to understand its operation in preparation for fixing my brother's MP-2's.  This may be a dumb question, but am not too proud to ask...

I see a labels on the schematics ( & & "DOOR_SLAMMER" and "DOOR_SLAM" I have no earthly idea what it could possibly mean.  Seems to tie into the compressor circuit. 

Can anyone fill me in on what the term means?


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Re: MP-2 Schematic Question - DOOR_SLAMMER
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Hey Gregg, well this question is more MJMPs wheelhouse but my guess is it's to do with the noise gate which has a threshold setting and 2 gate modes, hard gate and fader.  The high gain settings/patches need the noise gate.  It may also relate to the compressor as a peak limiter? 

BTW MJMP has a bunch of parts available (some hard to find) in case you need them e.g. the v1.41 EPROM which is/was the last available from ADA for the MP-2.  He also does a kit for the noise mod with all the caps you need.

You are probably also going to change out the front input jack socket, as it  takes the most wear and tear.  It needs to be the longer shaft version to fit the front plate (switchcraft L12A).
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