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Author Topic: What would you add to the GCS-2 and GCS-3?  (Read 3349 times)

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ADA is conducting a poll over at The Gear Page to find out what new features you guys would like to see added to our GCS-2 and GCS-3 guitar cabinet simulators. Feel free to make suggestions below, we appreciate your feedback!


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Re: What would you add to the GCS-2 and GCS-3?
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Thanks for posting this!
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Re: What would you add to the GCS-2 and GCS-3?
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I haven't tried either, only listened online, so beware of the dog.. ;)

I would add:
* a separate resonance control, to simulate damping or not in the box (unless the mic placement does enough)
* maybe add the classic 280Hz or so thump filter (ála the old ampulator)
* simple selection between two speaker sets: normal/warm and bright
* a comb filter, simulating the time delay between two mics, for a more crisp sound
* add separate controls for low- and high roll-offs - low useful for 8/9 strings and bass; high useful with severe distortions
* add a MIDI implementation with simple presets to do on/off on each parameter - maybe make it available both with/without MIDI
* make it available as a dual-channel/stereo version

Further, it would be nice it it was a slim/flat device, especially for fitting into the back of an existing, say, three unit 19" rig not having to make this physically larger.
I know it's difficult arranging space for several connectors on the back, but still, having both jack and XLR does allow using it as a splitter, so..
However, for saving space, single ended and balanced could be combined into a hybrid XLR with center jack.

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