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Author Topic: New to the fold: finally got my MB-1  (Read 3853 times)

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New to the fold: finally got my MB-1
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So, I've finally gotten my hands on an MB-1 after hearing about them for over 25 years. I'm putting together a biamped rig for my Sheehan bass: neck pickup straight to one amp; P-Bass pickup through the MB-1 and out to a second amp.

This is my very first piece of MIDI equipment (have to figure out how all that works!) and my first amp without, you know...knobs! Once I figure out how to overwrite/store patches I'll be all set.

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi to the group. If there's a "quick start guide" or anything like that, I'm all ears.

Peter H. Boer

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Re: New to the fold: finally got my MB-1
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Well, Hi and welcome  ;D

Nice bass  8)

Check out for a starting point in sounds (just adjust the input of the 2 stages to adjust for output difference of your pickups against mine)

Nothing beats MB-1s and MP-1s with MDRTs


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Re: New to the fold: finally got my MB-1
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Wow, inetresting bass, love the red bits. Welcome BTW.
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Re: New to the fold: finally got my MB-1
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Cool what is the neck pickup on that bass?

Start a patch by getting the highest signal possible without any clipping with a flat eq and use that patch as a reference point for your other patches.
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