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Author Topic: Member Banned  (Read 3664 times)

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Member Banned
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Just a heads up, for the first time (apart from spammers/bots) I've taken the action to ban a member. I did not do this lightly and Dante and I came very close to banning this member previously for similar behavior. This time the behavior is even worse than before, and also included physical threats toward another member as well as very abusive language.
Moreover, there are the conditions of membership we all sign up to when we register to participate here, unfortunately this particular member has now breached that agreement on more than one occasion. One of my admin responsibilities is to ensure the board is a safe, respectful and inclusive site. Varying opinions/ideas are welcome here, abusive and threatening behavior is not  :nono:

Also a reminder to all members, I don't see your personal messages so please report any abusive or threatening behavior in your PMs to either Dante or myself so we can take the appropriate action(s)
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