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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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Author Topic: Nice 3tm preset  (Read 2594 times)

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Nice 3tm preset
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Ahoy shipmates !  :banana-guitar:

So im just playin around with the 3tm and gmajor, synching up some presets via midi pedal , and found a cool sound . I guess it maynot be exactly the same on your 3tm as ive adjusted the tube board eq pots , but here it is anyways !

OD1 4.0
OD2 8.5
MG 9
B 2
M -4
T -9
P 2

It was the -9 treble that surprised me - id never use so little , but it achieves a nice grainy texture ...
this is my "5150 crunch" patch , with a little room reverb on G major  :banana-guitar: :banana-dance: :banana-rock:
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Re: Nice 3tm preset
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Yeah Dude I have found that dropping down & going - with the Treble you will get some Killer Sounds for sure! Hope all is well Buddy!  :metal:


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Re: Nice 3tm preset
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Cool tone for sure, would never have thought of running the Treble that low - thanks!

By the way, when you said that,
ive adjusted the tube board eq pots
can you elaborate on what you did?  Is it to change the frequency that the tone controls control?  I'm thinking that it might be nice to change the center frequency of a couple of the tone controls.

~ Rick


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Re: Nice 3tm preset
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Hey Batts, neat idea, I wouldn't have thought that way (-9 T) either, the +2 on the P will still give you some top end (around 6khz).

Have you checked out the post(s) from last weekend when MikeB and I got his MP1 and GMaj unchained so GMaj now runs in stereo parallel loop and get mixed into the direct analogue signal and not A/Ded and D/Aed in the GMaj.  We tested both ways and it sounds much better, warmer more open keeping the direct MP1 path analogue (which I've always ranted that it should)
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Re: Nice 3tm preset
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On the 3TM board are 2 trimpots,here you can change the treble and bass response of the 3TM.


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Re: Nice 3tm preset
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Leave the High Frequency Trimpot low... its gets very Harsh when turned up. The Low fequency Trimpot can be maxed out if you like I usually had to. I find messing with my EQ  board more effective than the Trimpots. Honestly I don't like the Trimpots, I'm opionion it makes the EQ of the Mp1 counterproductive. Don't get me wrong is a Cool feature just Not for me. That why I came up with my own EQ Mod
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