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Author Topic: Using MP1/2 as insert pre-amp for vox et al  (Read 2211 times)

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Here's an idea I was discussing with Jur (MHRIP) a while ago, he was having some issues with getting a good sound from his/their singer when recording.  So I floated the idea that you could put (insert) a MP1 (model that still had line input on the back) in the desk vox channel, I'm not sure how he got on with this (or indeed if he tried it at all), he was using a dynamic mic as the singer (apparently) had a big voice and condenser mics weren't working for them. So tonight I'm reflecting on that idea (inspired by the new banner no doubt, good work guys (Finstah/Dante  :thumb-up: )) and also after reading the MP2 specs today (I was sussing out the foot switch phantom powering for BrokeDownSouth, I seemed to remember the polarity was an issue???), the MP2 tops out at 3khz so not the best for vocals (sparked a reflection of thinking), and there are other valve offerings for this purpose (eg TL Audio Ivory 5001 etc).  However, given most of us have MP1/2 or MB1 you could combine it as an effect (use Aux effects sends/retns) on a variety of inputs.  Could sound good or be terrible but something to think about  :???: Some thoughts on where an idea like this may/may not work.  Tubes generally have slower slew rates (the maximum rate of change of output voltage per unit of time and is expressed as volt per micro second) than the fastest SS stuff so suit less percussive (slower transients, eg guitar, vox).  Drums (percussion) generally record better with higher slew rates (>=18v per micro second).
Anyway food for thought Cheers R
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