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My T100s has some serious scratch in the pots when I turn the volume up or down. I have tried cleaning them, which works for a short time, but I feel like I better just replace them.

Question: Can I use any ol' volume pot from the electronics store, or are these 'special' in some way?
Question Too: Am I looking for Audio taper pots?

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Got a pic of them,my T100S is in my rack and it's pain to get it out.

 :thumb-up: Right!

I'll get a pic for ya, no worries. Thanks man

Here y'go!

I opened up the unit and took several pix, but they all looked terrible. So, I decided to take the pots out to get a better look. Once I had them out, I sprayed them LIBERALLY with D-Oxit, wiped off the excess, and ran each pot through about a thousand cycles back & forth.

Problem scratchy pots, smooooooth as a baby's butt.  :metal:

Pix for posterity ;)

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Those look like fairly standard audio taper pots, by the way, 50KOhm.  They should be easy to find and replace if the scratchiness comes back.


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