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Author Topic: 8 October....  (Read 122 times)

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Nick Teeuwen

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  • Let us never forget our beloved founder - RIP Jur
8 October....
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Hi all, I hope that everything is fine...

Today it's 11 years ago that Jurrie died... the time flies....

Let us never forget our beloved founder - RIP Jurrie, we all miss you very much


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Re: 8 October....
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Yes indeed, time flies.


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Re: 8 October....
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RIP buddy

11 years already? wow  :-\
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Peter H. Boer

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Re: 8 October....
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Time certainly flies.

11 years ago my dad also died of the same disease that took Jurrie
(My dad was diagnosed 2 months after Jurrie but died 3 months earlier)

Nothing beats MB-1s and MP-1s with MDRTs


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Re: 8 October....
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RIP Jurrie.   Thank you for the passion and goodwill you had for the gear and this community.  Missing you everytime I Login here....
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Re: 8 October....
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My deepest gratitued for the man who started it all.
I didn't know Jurrie by person and I never talked to him, but he has his place among Legends for sure.
The Depot has always been a referral place for ADA stuff lovers and always will be.

Like Eddie, Jurrie will be missed a lot.
On the run again!
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