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Author Topic: MPC vs MXC? Stick with me, the path gets very hairy with this one.  (Read 186 times)

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Can someone confirm my suspicion about the MPC pedal? I think it looks exactly like the the MXC but works exactly like the MP-1 (not a continuous controller). It's in the same family as the MP-1 - as in sibling or non-identical twin, but is a doppelganger of the MXC but the internals indicate that they are barely distant cousins?

Also, the MXC will work just like the MPC with the MP1 but all the CC stuff inside will just be hidden(wasted) potential?

A step further, I could use a MXC to control just the Program changes of the MP1 but at the same time use its CC abilities, along with a CCP and Quad, to FULLY control a TC Electric G Major 2 [TCGM2] (that I plan to get very soon)?

Last step, the above situation (MP1 + TCGM2) WITH an MP2 and control ALL aspects of the TCGM2 & MP2 while controlling the Program Changes of the MP1 - all of this connected with something like a Rocktron Patchmate 8 looper  ---  and for bonus points, working it all with a 3 channel Carvin V3 amp through its effects send/return using the G Major 2 to change between the 3 channels on the amp AND choose either/or/both of the ADA preamps (MP1 & MP2)?

This is better than a Sudoku puzzle


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Hey Scotto, there's always lots of ways to patch things.  Down side of using the Carvin on its own (amplifier wise) is it's mono and all the gadgets you are talking about (MP1, MP2, TC Gmaj2) work and sound much better in stereo.
I think the MPC (which never came to Australia) was basically the MC-1 pedal but in a more user friendly (narrow) format.  The MC-1 is quite long and single row of buttons.  I used one for years and found it ok but much prefer the more compact 2 row format of the MXC (which came with my MP2).  Also the MC-1 doesn't fit in a gig bag as easily.
The MXC also works well with the MB1 which has some CC capability (v2.05 EPROM).
There are lots of things you can do with CC (depending on the unit in question) but how much is really useful in a playing sense.  It depends allot on what sounds you want.  I use the MXC exp pedal to control the stereo master vol of my MP2 and also the master vol of my MB1 (which is in the same live rack). I rarely even plug in the quad switch as I keep it quite simple these days, basically 3 sounds with some light delay and reverb (quadverb) on everything.Dante went through a stage where he used the quad switch to control a bunch of fx changes in other gadgets.MikeB uses a Behringer FCB1010 to switch his MP1 and also control a bunch of stuff on his GMaj2.
When I get one of my MP1s working properly I'm thinking to add it to the live rack, maybe return it into the MP2 fx returns (so the CC vol control also works on it) and probably use a A/B A+B switch to direct the guitar input to either or both.
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Also those new rocktron patchmates are mono, the old ones were stereo. So for a stereo rig these are not suited.


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I use the MXC to run my MP-2 and my MP-1 Classic rigs, each of which is also running a Boss GX-700 for effects. The quad switch allows me to toggle effects in my Boss GX-700, so I get 4 extra options for each patch. Usually, I have a delay in one and a solo boost in another (solo boost is simply turning on the EQ in the Boss to get a clean boost). That works for me, and I can't imagine it would be that tough to do with the G-Major

I ran a G-system for a while, but I only used that with other (non-rack mounted) stuff.
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