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Author Topic: Doing morphine (had surgery)  (Read 424 times)

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Doing morphine (had surgery)
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Now, just to be clear, I'm no abuser of substances..
Just had my appendix removed, geez, the pain leading up to this.
Very pro job at the hospital, and why do they always have so many nice and good looking nurses ? :bow: :lol:

Wake up call was gradual, and not at all feeling high, just fine&dandy.
I don't tolerate standard pain killers above 100-140mg, so had a morphine tablet last nite, which started working while doing a type of meditation to make the brain produce melatonen, dimethyl tryptamine and endorphine; what can I say other than: great combo..
 :banana-upsidedown: :whoohoo!:

Interestingly, through late summer and autumn, I've been inflated to the point of having trouble with pants, and not understanding as I don't overdo food, cakes, candy, beer or whatever..
Hehe, I can now close the same pants, so it's obviously something that's been building up.

Got home today to a cold trailer, gas had run out, but all is ok.
Good I made the decision; just a month ago, my skate dealer told me her briother had died from a burst appendix.


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Re: Doing morphine (had surgery)
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Can we say happy new year after this?
Glad you came out of this well!!  :thumb-up:
EMGs suck my energies.


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Re: Doing morphine (had surgery)
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Yeah, I'm almost fully ok - just need to re-test my sex life..  :-* :lol:
Long time no see, Chucky; good to hear from you again.


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Re: Doing morphine (had surgery)
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Dammit van! Be careful man, don't ignore that stuff. (says the guy with a brace on his knee right now).

Glad you're okay, on the mend. Happy New Year and Happy new pants day! haha
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Re: Doing morphine (had surgery)
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Nada problemas!
I did take action, got the surgery, controlled the meds..
Stomack region has fallen to pre-levels, didn't loose my pants.
Can't loose my pants, man!
These skater pants are 10+ years old. They've been with me through thick'n'thin, slept in them on Copenhagen main railway station straight on the floor and on benches when things went bad - alongside my beloved leather jacket.
I'm now going to have professional surgery done to my pants (wearing thin on the butt).
Can't have a half-naked man with his pants down.
Can't loose my pants, man!
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Re: Doing morphine (had surgery)
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Glad you got it taken care of, and speedy recovery!  That can end up being some pretty bad news.

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