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Author Topic: A very candid discussion on the music industry  (Read 479 times)

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van Sinn

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Here's a very candid unbiased discussion about being a musician and about the business.
Fang and Sarah Longfield opening up. Geez, a hundred dollars a night, touring in vans - at her level  :crazy:

..but it's buggy!
- not a bug, it's a feature; it's software, dummy..

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Sarah and Ty (Fang) are from my general area; funny that I've never met either one (yet) on the street somewhere in Madison, WI or performing somewhere there.   Actually, as of this post Sarah is going to be performing very soon at a place called the Annex in Madison....I really should go.  Ty sings in a local band called Lords of the Trident and again, I haven't had an opportunity to see them yet either.    :facepalm:

Good video!

I added a few vids over on the "What You Listening.." thread for those who don't know Lords of the Trident and Sarah Longfield.  :wave:
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