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Author Topic: Gain loss over time  (Read 916 times)

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Gain loss over time
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When I first power on my MP1 I have enough gain to play death metal. After a little while (15 minutes) the gain slowly rolls back until it's more of a heavy proggy tone. From what I can tell turning it off and on from that point doesn't reset it. I have to boot it from cold to get full gain.

I think I read something about transistors being the problem, but I don't know if that's what's wrong here because others who had the problem had their gain dropping quickly, as to where mine takes a while.
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Re: Gain loss over time
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Could be a tube problem.


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Re: Gain loss over time
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I ran into this, not only on the MP1 but on other setups as well. I found that over time two things can happen.
1) Chords are going bad.
2) Jacks and chord ends are getting dirty.

Bad chords can cause intermittent signal loss but is rare. More likely a scenario is that your jacks and chord ends have a buildup on them. Even if you never unplug your equipment there can still be a coating over the connections. Sometimes you can fix it by unpluging and pluging back in several times but the best fix is to spray your jacks and chord ends with electronics cleaner and wipe off your chord ends and then work the jacks and plugs in and out several times.

This could or could not be your problem but it's worth finding out before you go tearing into your MP1.
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