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Author Topic: My Trusty MP-2  (Read 357 times)

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My Trusty MP-2
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I have put my poor MP-2 through some tough times. When I bought it, I was not gigging. I was going to college and working full time. I had two guitars, turned my rig on once a month to be sure I still remembered how to play and to see that it worked. I was rusty for about 10 years, but the MP-2 always came on, and I always got lost in it for a good while.

2006-ish: I join a local cover band, and realize I'm better than the average dipshit with a guitar in this town. Cool. This is easy, I get a job with a steady gigging band. Since I was a graphic designer at the time, I built us a website, made business cards, hired a photographer, and built us a BAND. We gigged a LOT in a 5-6 year span, and I was not kind to that poor MP-2. Hot, HOT HOT gigs in the Sacramento California sun (over 100┬░ temps several times), cold gigs in Lake Tahoe around New Year's Eve, dropped to the concrete floor from about 3 feet (1m) high - sitting on the top of my combo amp that was on an amp stand, thrown into the back of my VW so many times.

This little MP-2 just keeps on coming. I have been gigging pretty regularly since that band, in several projects at a time, so that's the last 13 years or so, I'd say. To be honest, I'd like my MP-1 Classic as my main rig, but it's busticated right now. It's not that I feel the MP-2 lacks anything the Classic has in a sonic sense, I just like how easy it is to write a great sounding patch with the Classic. Usability is a nice feature for me. But, the MP-2 can do anything the Classic can do.... and a lot more.

I got a cool blue display from Trullmon around 2013-2014 and finally installed it in 2016 I think - lol. It's so cool, I wish I'd done it sooner. TBH, it's not held in by the stock plastic clips anymore. One of them works, the other side is held in by (wait for it....) duct tape

There are some cons:
My super high gain voicings are noisy, and I plan to address them when I get my MicroTube working properly.
Picking attack is not as sensitive on the MP-2 as it is on the Classic.

The pros far outweigh the cons and the MP-2 is my main rig right now
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Re: My Trusty MP-2
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Don't think you'll easily be able to fix the noises in voicing 9 and especially 10.
These are inherently noisy because┬┤of too much gain dragged out of the tubes, especially in voicing 10.

Further, I believe the reason for less pick articulation is because the tubes are running on a good amount of negative cathode bias - necessary for the high gains, but squelching pick attack.
Could be wrong, though..

Else I agree it's a damned good preamp.  Should've had a build-in reverb ;)

Any words on Trullmon?  He was a fun dude!
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