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Author Topic: Hello from Berkeley Ca.  (Read 1299 times)

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Hello from Berkeley Ca.
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Hey, how ya doin',

After a number of different occupations, including some recording studio work, I've returned to music-making and the astonishingly expensive hobby of recording. I pulled down my old MP-1 from the upper tier of my closet, and damn(!), sounds good! Since I like it so much I bought another from CL, this one in much better shape than my oldie, much quieter and cheap!

About a decade or so ago I ran an MP-1 with Lovetone fuzz, a LT meatball, an 1140 eq, and a PCM70 and found the creamy tone of the gods. Long story short, now, of course I can't find that glorious tone.

Anyhoo, glad to be here. Cheers!


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Re: Hello from Berkeley Ca.
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Hey good to have you around  :thumb-up: , yes it can be a expensive hobby  :facepalm:
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